Cost-sharing for Minnesota woodlands

A variety of cost-share programs are available from year to year for woodland owners.  These programs can help defray the costs of wildlife habitat improvement, soil erosion mitigation, tree planting, and many other woodland activities.

Both the amount of funding available and the specific activities for which funding is available vary from year to year.  Most of these funds are passed through from the Federal or State governments, so appropriations depend on the legislative process.

To find out more about cost share options in your area, there are a few useful sources:

  • First, call your local DNR Forestry office.  Although not all cost share programs are administered by the DNR, DNR private forest management foresters will be able to tell you about cost share options that best fit your situation.
  • You may also want to contact your local Soil and Water Conservation District office.  Many SWCDs offer forest management assistance.  They also administer some cost-share programs, so they may be able to tell you about cost share options in your area.  Many SWCDs also offer tree seedlings for sale.
  • Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Conservation Funding Guide.
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  1. Eli Sagor and / or Diomy Zamora

    I have been contacted by a landowner near Meadowlands, MN (NW of Duluth) — concerned with an observed drop-off in growth among his poplar (hybrid poplar) plantations. He mentioned there were cost-share programs to assist with the planting. Do any programs exist to assist with supplemental management including fertilization application to trees for growth or production of standing trees?

    Thanks — I do not know of any MN DNR or MDA programs, but I am not familiar policy or management programs.

    Research Fellow, NRRI UMD
    ph: 218-720-2702
    Populus tree breeder / tree improvement