Minnesota woodland stewardship plans

Whatever your goals and vision for your land, planning ahead will help you to achieve them.  A Forest Stewardship Plan is one way to do that.  A Forest Stewardship Plan is a specific kind of woodland management plan offered through the Minnesota DNR.  A Forest Stewardship Plan is always prepared by a natural resource professional from your local area.

Woodland Stewardship binder coverUnlike some management plans, a Forest Stewardship Plan provides a comprehensive overview of your land, including an aerial photo, a map of the forest cover types and plant communities, and written information about each of the cover types and plant communities found on your land.

Your Stewardship Plan will also include specific recommendations to help you achieve your stated goals.  Although these recommendations are in no way binding, most landowners find them a useful guide to assist in their forest management activities.

To learn more or sign up for a Forest Stewardship Plan, contact your nearest MN DNR – Forestry Area Office.

Eli 's work addresses Minnesota forest ecology & management. He's based in St Paul.

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  1. Would like information on cost share program for trees. I own 80 acres in southeast minnesota. We plant 500 to 1000 trees every spring.

  2. Hi Fred. Cost sharing programs are pretty variable from year to year in terms of the amount of funding available and the practices (like tree planting, wildlife habitat improvement, etc) that are eligible. There’s also variation based on where you are in Minnesota.

    Your best bet is to contact your local DNR forestry area office and / or Soil and Water Conservation District offices. You can find links to contact info for those folks at our Cost-sharing for Minnesota Woodlands page.