Sample Minnesota timber harvest contract

A timber harvest contract is an essential component of any timber sale and harvest operation.  A contract protects both parties by clearly stipulating each party’s expectations and the terms of the agreement.  You can download a sample timber harvest contract for Minnesota using the links below.

Note: These sample documents are for educational use only.  The sample timber sale contract linked below can be a starting point for your own contract, but we encourage you to contact an attorney for help in designing a timber sale contract that meets your specific needs.

The University of Minnesota Extension Forestry team.

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  1. Your sample timber sale contract should reference state standard weights (i.e. MN DNR standard weights) as mills historically used there standard weights that could vary from state weights.

    Your contract refers to 96″ and 100″ cords, really (thats being sarcastic), how much (%) of the wood scaled in the state do you think gets stick scaled???

    Please join the modern era.
    If anyone has questions about how to word this please feel free to contact me.
    Have a Great Spring and Summer,

  2. Thanks Tom for the feedback. The contract is a few years old and you’re right, is probably due for a review. We’ll look it over.