Seasonal care for trees & shrubs: Health


Keep a watchful eye for problems that may be developing on the plants in your landscape. Timely prevention is always more effective and economical than reacting to problems once they have developed.  Certain samples can be sent to your local Plant Disease Clinic (.pdf) for diagnosis.

For more information : Diagnosing Tree Health Problems (.pdf) and What’s wrong with my plant?

If damages are observed and if Plant Health Care (PHC) treatments are necessary, contact a local Certified Arborist for an on-site diagnosis. Certified Arborist’s in your area can be found through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) search engine.

More information on each step:

Authored by Rebecca Koetter, Gary R. Johnson, and Dave Hanson: University of Minnesota
Funded in part by USDA Forest Service: Northeastern Area
Chart designed by Andrew Rose:

Download & print your own poster or magnet copy of the “Seasonal Care for Trees and Shrubs in Northern U.S. Climates”

Rebecca works on urban forestry outreach education programs with the Department of Forest Resources in St. Paul.

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