Seasonal care of trees & shrubs: Shearing evergreen shrubs


Evergreen shrub shearing is a practice that can be used to maintain a geometric and formal shape of the plant.  It is important to note, however, that once a shape has been formed yearly maintenance is required to preserve the design.

Appropriate times are highlighted to show a general rule that is appropriate for most species (e.g. pine, spruce, fir, yew, arborvitae).  The accompanying link highlights specific timings for the different evergreen species based on the different growth characteristics.

For more information : Maintenance of Evergreen Trees and Shrubs

More information on each step:

Authored by Rebecca Koetter, Gary R. Johnson, and Dave Hanson: University of Minnesota
Funded in part by USDA Forest Service: Northeastern Area
Chart designed by Andrew Rose:

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Rebecca works on urban forestry outreach education programs with the Department of Forest Resources in St. Paul.

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