Small Ownerships: Family Projects

It doesn’t take much land to have fun in the woods.  This page has a few ideas to get the family outside in your woods.   In addition to being a fun way to spend family time together, time outside on the land can build interest among the whole family in your land, building interest in long-term stewardship.  For more about why it’s important to get kids outside, check out the No Child Left Inside website.

Some ideas to get your family out in the woods:

  • Count snags along your favorite trail.
  • Count den trees along your favorite trail.
  • Count the different birdsongs you hear on a single walk around your property. Consider walking through diverse areas. Repeat at different seasons.
  • Build and install wood duck boxes in appropriate locations.
  • Build and install bluebird houses in appropriate locations.
  • Pile brush or firewood-sized pieces of wood for wildlife. Return to look for tracks or other wildlife sign at different times of year.
  • Plant trees together. Better yet, collect seed from your land, learn how to propagate it, grow the seedlings, and plant them together.
  • Identify and map out as many different tree species as you can on your land.
  • Identify as many different kinds of wildlife tracks as you can find on your land. Make plaster molds of some of the tracks.
  • Get an airphoto of your land, find an interesting spot on it, and figure out how to get there together.

Got other ideas? Leave them in the comments.

Eli 's work addresses Minnesota forest ecology & management. He's based in St Paul.

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