Firewood: 6 Questions to Answer Before you Purchase

By: Adam Flett, Department of Forest Resources Extension and Outreach, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Technical Advisor: Harlan Peterson, Extension Specialist in Bio-Based Products, University of Minnesota

Firewood-6-questionsThis document answers six common questions of firewood consumers:

  • How much firewood am I buying?
  • Firewood pricing: What is a fair price?
  • What are BTU’s?
  • Things to look for in firewood: Which wood is good?
  • Spread of insects, fungi, and pests: Does firewood spread disease and insects?
  • Stacking and storing

Download the entire document: Firewood: 6 Questions to Ask Before you Purchase (PDF)

Emily Hanson deals with natural resources of urban areas. She is based in St. Paul.

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