Fitting trees and shrubs into the landscape

Extension’s Mike Zins has an online publication about choosing trees and shrubs for landscape plantings.

fitting-trees-into-landscape-riverbirchExcerpt: It is important to have an idea of the approximate size at maturity of the trees and shrubs commonly used in landscape plantings. Mature size is greatly influenced by the length of the growing season, temperature, light, water, soil type, fertility, and many other factors. This makes it impossible to predict the exact mature size of a plant.

Read “Fitting trees and shrubs into the landscape” here.

Other publications that may also be helpful include:Choosing Landscape Evergreens, #FO-1430 and Native Trees That Can Be Used for Landscaping, #FS-0466.

Emily Hanson deals with natural resources of urban areas. She is based in St. Paul.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I’m planning to start lanscaping my yard and looking for some ideas on how to start since I’m just a newbie. My first plan was to put a pool but after considering the cost (pool filters and pumps, maintenance,etc) I decided to go with planting. Other than it’s not costly, I can help the environment through green living.