2008 Property tax estimates now up on Minnesota Land Economics

[I received this notice in an email today and thought it would be of interest to some MyMinnesotaWoods readers. -ed.]

Dear Colleague,

We loaded up the 2008 property tax data by jurisdiction and tax class on Minnesota Land Economics: http://landeconomics.umn.edu. You can find market values, tax levies by each taxing jurisdiction, credits, and net effective tax rates–all at any level of aggregation you choose.

And while you’re there, be sure to check out the MLE MAP function, which now includes the new land productivity index and CRP contract data in addition to all the old favorites.

Please give a call if you have questions.

Steven J. Taff
Department of Applied Economics, University of Minnesota
sjtaff@umn.edu, 612.625.3103, www.apec.umn.edu/faculty/sjtaff

Eli ‘s work addresses Minnesota forest ecology & management. He’s based in St Paul.

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