The Ulschmid family woods: Thinning red pine

By Philip Potyondy, University of Minnesota Extension

I recently visited the Ulschmid family woodland outside of Detroit Lakes, MN.  I brought a little video camera and had a conversation with Tom and Scott Ulschmid and Minnesota DNR forester Kent Wolf.  We talked about thinning red pine and making management desicions in a woodland.

This is MyMinnesotaWoods’ first in a series of woodland visits.  It was a chilly day and my first time making a video.  Watch the video to learn why many landowners choose to thin their red pine plantations, how to know when it’s time to thin, and where to find help.


Thinking about thinning your red pine? We suggest you start with our page on Thinning and Timber Stand Improvement, then pick up the phone to find a professional forester who can help.  Here are two great places to start:

Philip Potyondy addresses urban natural resources, tree pathology, and communication. He’s based in St Paul.

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  1. I enjoyed the video very much, keep up the good work; very informative and concise. I have a small amount of land (20 acres) in the Side Lake area and am exploring ways to begin to manage it better. Checking resorces and asking questions on how I might improve my land management skills and land. Thanks.


    Neil Hyde