Minnesota forest insect & disease updates

Just a quick post in case you missed it: The Minnesota DNR, Division of Forestry has published the June 2009 Forest Insect & Disease Newsletter (PDF).  This is by far the best source of timely, quality information on insect and disease issues in the Minnesota woods. This summer’s issue includes a play-by-play of the discovery of emerald ash borer in the Twin Cities this spring.

The list of articles from the June 2009 issue is below.

  • Emerald ash borer found in Minnesota
    • Play-by-play
    • Updated firewood restrictions in on state land
  • Another cool and protracted spring
    • Winter injury of Colorado blue spruce
    • Two-lined chestnut borers
    • Forest tent caterpillars are at it again
    • Oak anthracnose
    • Ash plant bug and ash anthracnose
    • Bumper crop of seeds
    • Summer shorts
  • Heads-up
    • Approved firewood vendor applications now
      need to be renewed
    • Tick-borne diseases
  • Publications
    • Trees and Shrubs of Minnesota
    • IPM for Home Apple Growers
  • Feature Article
    • Wolves in sheep’s clothing: Outbreaks of
      previously obscure native forest
  • Handy and helpful websites for Forest Health

Read it now: June 2009 Forest Insect & Disease Newsletter (PDF)

Eli 's work addresses Minnesota forest ecology & management. He's based in St Paul.

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  1. We have a weeping willow tree, about 5 years old and has been growing very well. This year, I noticed a rather large black spot on one of the main limbs and now, there is a sizable hole that has developed. Today I found 2 large beetles near the sight; about 1/2 long, with the main body black and a yellow outlined head, with a black center. Can you give me some ideas as to what might be going on and what if any remidies I might have. There does not appear to be any distress on the tree as of yet, so I’m hoping that whatever is going on I can get to it before it affects the tree. Thanks so much. Tom Junkert