Woodland Advisor program releases 2008 annual report

By Angela Gupta, University of Minnesota Extension

Are you a Woodland Advisor Program participant, graduate, or volunteer? If so you might be interested in the Woodland Advisor 2008 Annual report (PDF).

The Woodland Advisor Program is a partnership between the University of Minnesota Extension, Minnesota Forestry Association, Minnesota DNR, and many local partners.  Over 75 local landowner workshops were held through this program in 2008.

In this report you’ll see how folks heard about Woodland Advisor classes; how many attended; the impact Woodland Advisor volunteers make; and see who graduated and who attended the Woodland Leadership Institute.

A special thanks to everyone that filled-out a session-end evaluation and returned their Working & Volunteering Logs. This report couldn’t be done without your help and participation!

Download: Woodland Advisor 2008 Annual report (PDF).

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1 Comment

  1. I did not see any courses offered that would advance one towards becoming a Woodland Advisor graduate. Nearly all were ‘electives’. There appears to be no organized manner to become a certified Woodland Advisor in Minnesota.
    I have suggested that Minnesota offer a coterie of classes similar to Wisconsin, so Woodland Advisor applicants can spend less time and money on becoming certified, not become discouraged, and abandon effort.