New format for email feeds

There are two ways to automatically access new content on MyMinnesotaWoods:

  1. Monthly email update: Get one email per month with only our featured stories (here’s an archive, the most recent issue, and where to subscribe).
  2. Email feed: Get an email every time we publish new content, usually 2-3 times per week, via an email RSS feed (subscribe here).
  3. RSS feed: Read new content in your RSS feed reader (here’s the feed address, and text and video introductions to RSS feeds).

We’ve been tinkering a bit with the email RSS feed (option 2 above).  Those of you subscribed for new content via the email feed will notice slight changes to the format.  It (should) now include an image at the top, the post title in the email subject line, and other minor changes.

Let us know what you think!  Email with your thoughts on the new format.  Curiosity killing you?  Feel free to subscribe using the links above!

Eli ‘s work addresses Minnesota forest ecology & management. He’s based in St Paul.

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