New book available: Woodland Stewardship, 2nd Edition

Woodland Stewardship: A Practical Guide for Midwestern Landowners, 2nd Edition was published by the University of Minnesota Extension for use by private woodland owners in the Upper Midwest.

Woodland Stewardship, 2nd edition coverThis revised 2nd edition builds on the highly successful first edition in 1993, which was distributed to tens of thousands of landowners throughout the Midwest.  This new book is designed to help family forest landowners identify goals for their woodlands and work with professional foresters to choose management practices that will help meet those goals. The new book provides an overview of the field of forestry and includes new or expanded chapters on:

    • Managing important forest types.
    • Developing nontimber forest products.
    • Managing forests to benefit wildlife.
    • Designing and building recreational trails.
    • Handling the financial considerations of forest ownership.

Decisions by family forest landowners have the potential to affect a woodland for a century or more.  Reading Woodland Stewardship: A Practical Guide for Midwestern Landowners, 2nd Edition can help ensure their decisions are the right ones for the family and the woodland.

Full text is available in PDF form at no charge here.


Mel is the Extension Forestry program leader. He's based on the St Paul campus.

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  1. This is a very good web site and a must for any woodland landowner to visit. It is very helpful that the extension service provides this information to help out the landowners of Minnesota. I have always been very interested in conservation and forest protection and anything I can do to help preserve my woodlands for upcoming families is something I am willing to do. I hunt and do woodworking so I like to watch trees grow and do anything that helps Minnesota wildlife continue growing. I am looking foreward to the meeting in Rochester on the 25th of Feb.