The value of private forests and other wood products market news

09Dec Market News coverDon Deckard, Forest Economist with the Minnesota DNR, recently distributed the December 2009 Wood Markets Monthly report.  There’s a lot of interesting reading….  The headlines are below, and you can download the full report here.

General Interest

  • New study reports Minnesota’s private forests support 47,000 jobs with $1.8 billion payroll
  • Minnesota counties receive 143% increase in timber payments
  • GDP increased 2.2% in Q3
  • US unemployment rate improves
  • Housing starts jump 8.9% in November
  • New life for Ainsworth Cook, MN plant
  • Weyerhaeuser converting to REIT
  • Cash for clunker wood stoves in NH

Financial Results

  • US pulp & paper firms report aggregate Q3 profit driven by black liquor credits
  • Canadian forest products firms report aggregate Q3 loss of C$623 million
  • Timberland appraisals down, discount rates up

Production & Prices

  • Lumber prices up with production poised to increase in 2010
  • Canadian lumber could build homes for new Chinese middle class
  • Bumpy road to recovery for OSB
  • IP jolts wood fiber markets with 5.1 million tons of permanent shuts
  • Owens closes Wisconsin flooring plants
  • Abitibi to restart Thunder Bay, ON newsprint machine
  • Wood pellet manufacturing capacity expansion drives up prices of wood chips

Renewable Energy

  • BCAP could wipe out composite panel industry
  • CSC addresses BCAP moisture content issues
  • Eastern Illinois University to switch to biomass fired steam plant

Download the complete December 2009 Wood Products Monthly report here.

The University of Minnesota Extension Forestry team.

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