Quiz of the month: November 2010


The University of Minnesota Extension Forestry team.

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    1. Ha! Glad you got it Pat, but you know your way around the woods pretty well… Maybe I’ll try to stump you next month…

      What did others think? Too easy?

  1. I agree, that was way too easy. That long pod doesn’t look much like a walnut or a butternut, and I don’t know my way around the woods worth a bean.

  2. I’ve picked up those pods by the wheel barrow full for years now from a single tree. Last year they were so heavy a 4″ branch broke from the pods catching wet snow. But not this year, not a single pod! What’s up?

  3. let’s include a blurb about the correct answer in the future as a way of educating us…..Alough this one was easy I don’t personally know a lot about the tree, be nice to learn anbout it as well.

    1. Thanks Neal for the suggestion. After you answer, some information comes up to explain the answer. In this case it’s a couple of lines of text and a link to the DNR-Forestry page on the species. As the explanation may have been a bit light this time around, I’ll try to be a bit more thorough with future quizzes. Thanks again for the comment!