One Family’s Forest: New book on keeping the family forest in the family

Back Forty Press is pleased to announce that One Family’s Forest has just been released.  The authors, Alan Haney and Lowell Klessig, have been personally and professionally involved in woodland management for decades.  Drawing heavily from their personal experience as owners of woodland in five Wisconsin counties as well as their careers at the College of Natural Resources, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, the book describes the emotional roller coaster of a fictional family struggling to keep the family forest in the family from one generation through the next.

While the touching story of the Chapel farm family is appealing in its own right, the book also offers alternative legal options to transfer land between generations and valuable insights into forest management for those with minimal experience.  Technical aspects are covered in sidebars and the appendices so as not to interrupt the story.  The printing of the book was covered by a grant from the Wisconsin Environmental Education Board and thus can be offered to anyone wanting a copy for the cost of shipping and handling.  If interested please send $5 with your name and address to:

Lora Hagen
E1757 Moen Rd.
Iola, WI 54945

If you would like multiple copies to share with relatives, neighbors, or friends, you can request up to five (5) copies, but please include $5/copy for shipping and handling.

This announcement appeared in the December 2010 Woodland Leader News, published by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.  It’s republished here with permission.  For more info on WLN, email John DuPlissis.  More on intergenerational land transfer from MyMinnesotaWoods.

The University of Minnesota Extension Forestry team.

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  1. Lora,

    Is this book – One Family’s Forest – Still available and if so, is the cost still $5 ?

    Kara F


    1. Hi Kara. As far as I know, it is. You’d need to contact the seller at the address above to be certain.

  2. Does the seller have an e-mail address or phone number? Are copies available at UW-Stevens Point, like at a book store there?

    I did a Goggle search for the book and your website an one other are all that showed up–no commercial outlets.

    Thanks, Dave Wester, Elroy Wisconsin

    1. Thanks for your interest in the book Dave. You might try to email the UW-Stevens Point College of Natural Resources to see if they have update contact info for Alan Haney: