Winter Habitat for Pheasants

Establishing good winter habitat for pheasants is often neglected until there is a devastating winter blizzard or ice storm, when it is too late to help the pheasant population.  When spring weather melts the snow drifts and landscapes become green, it is easy to again forget to make appropriate winter habitat available for pheasants to survive the next winter.

Plan now to establish winter habitat for resident wildlife such as pheasants.  This is a great opportunity to partner landowners, hunters, conservation clubs, agencies, and other wildlife enthusiasts.  An informative fact sheet has been created to review possible shrub and conifer plantings that could benefit wildlife in future severe winter conditions.  Web links and resources are also included.

Click for the winter habitat for ring-necked pheasants factsheet.


Gary Wyatt
Gary Wyatt is an Extension educator with a focus on agroforestry and bio-energy. Gary works with federal and state agency partners in promoting conservation and agroforestry practices in rural landscapes. Other topics of expertise include invasive species, tree selection, living snow fences, nontimber forest products, riparian buffers, windbreaks and ecosystem services. Gary is based at the Mankato Regional Office.

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