Nontimber forest products in Minnesota: Two webinar recordings

This post has links to two recorded webinars about nontimber forest products in Minnesota.  The presenter is David Wilsey of the University of Minnesota Extension.

Part 1, May 2010: Nontimber forest products in Minnesota

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Content of Part 1: Dave Wilsey, University of Minnesota Extension. Non-timber forest products play important but understated roles in the lives and livelihoods of Minnesota’s landowners and natural resource users. We review these roles and some products of economic and social importance in this region. We will explore different ways of engaging these resources, from increasing basic awareness to management. An improved understanding of NTFPs and their roles in our lives might change the way you look at and interact with the forest.

Watch the recording of Part 2 now

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Content of Part 2: In 2010, we offered a webinar on non-timber forest products (NTFP) in Minnesota – a general overview of the region’s products and the range of motivations for their harvest (above). This year we delve deeper into the topic by exploring NTFP management and utilization from the perspective of an actual forest landowner, focusing on specific products, their uses and motivations for use, and management. The webinar follows a framework presented in the NTFP chapter of the recently released Woodland Stewardship Online, and features the insights of landowner John Peterson of Delano, Minnesota.

The University of Minnesota Extension Forestry team.

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