Quiz of the month: Aug 2011



Jordan is a Junior studying Recreational Resource Management with a minor in Forest Resources.

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  1. Good quiz for the novice, but remember all that the 640 acres area of a section is assumed for a square with 5280′ sides.I have been working Public Land Survey descriptions for 35 years, and I have never seen a perfect square section or one with exactly 5280 feet on all sides. If you buy a “forty” of land it will be more or less forty acres.

  2. Almost all land is sold as “more or less” (usually less) because the roadways take some of the area. The section lines are usually measured to the middle of the road (but not always).

    When I first moved to MN, I looked at a farm at a crossroads. Each corner had 40 acres as part of the property. One corner had an electric substation on it taking about 4 acres. The property was listed as 156 acres, more or less.