MFRC announces revisions to Minnesota’s Voluntary Site-level Timber Harvest Guidelines

The Minnesota Forest Resources Council is pleased to announce the release of the revised publication Sustaining Minnesota Forest Resources: Voluntary Site-level Forest Management Guidelines. Release of this publication caps a more than two-year evaluation process, peer review, and public comment period (see link below for more details).

Guidelines screencapture

Changes made in this revised version include modification of the 1) allowable infrastructure (roads and landings) amount, 2) leave (green) tree retention guidelines, 3) biomass guidelines as related to slash retention, 4) riparian management zone characteristics, and 5) other guidelines.

The complete revised guidebook will only be available in electronic (Adobe PDF) format, but the MFRC is working on the development of a hard copy field guide focused on timber harvesting operations which should be available in early 2014.

Complete contents of the revised guidelines book
Summary of guideline revisions

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