September 2014 Webinar: Resilience and the Minnesota northwoods

Adaptive silviculture for climate change

Tuesday, September 16th from noon-1:00pm

webinar2014-silvicultureClimate change is expected to influence forests by altering disturbance regimes, increasing tree mortality rates during droughts, expanding the range of forest pests and diseases, and changing competitive interactions. The Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change (ASCC) project is a science-management partnership that is establishing a large experimental trial in a red pine-dominated site on the Chippewa National Forest. The goal of the project is to monitor the long-term impacts and effectiveness of silvicultural treatments designed using an adaptive planning framework, and represents adaptation options of resistance, resilience, and transition, along with no action. The site will also serve as a demonstration area for landowners.
Speaker:  Linda Nagel, UMN Department of Forest Resources and Cloquet Forestry Center
CE credits: SAF (1, Cat.1), MN Forest Stewardship, ISA (details).
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We hope to see you online.  If you can’t make it, here’s a link to more upcoming webinars from UMN Extension and the Sustainable Forests Education Co-operative.

The University of Minnesota Extension Forestry team.

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