March 2015 webinar: oak wilt versus bur oak blight

Tuesday, March 24th from noon to 1:00pm

*Note change in date.

Oak wilt on red oak (above); bur oak blight on bur oak (below) photos:  J. O'Brien and T. Harrington
Oak wilt on red oak (above); bur oak blight on bur oak (below) photos: J. O’Brien and T. Harrington


Oak wilt is old news but still newsworthy. This destructive invasive’s range does not yet extend over half of Minnesota’s land with highly susceptible species. Bur oak blight is relatively new news. Its extent nearly covers Minnesota. Learn all about these diseases, including how to differentiate the two.


Speaker:  Brian Schwingle, MN Department of Natural Resources

CE credits: SAF (1.0, Cat.1), MN Forest Stewardship (1.0), ISA (details)

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Watch the recording below:


Here’s a link to more upcoming webinars from UMN Extension and the Sustainable Forests Education Co-operative.


The University of Minnesota Extension Forestry team.

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  1. Should I cut a tree down if it HasBOB. So it does not infest other bur oaks in my yard. Can I water and fertilize to help. Or where is the closest place that can treat the tree with fungicides

    1. Thanks for your message Gary. As Brian will mention, bur oak blight operates much more slowly than it’s oak wilt counterpart. The disease is spread through the spores by rain drops. Individual trees can be severely infected, while other trees immediately adjacent to the infected tree show no signs of damage. If the tree is of value to you, there appear to be several fungicides that are effective for controlling BOB. It’s best to contact a tree specialist to go over options depending on how severe the infection is.

      Also, we try to have the webinar posted within a few days after it airs. You’ll be able to find it on this page. -Matt

  2. researching bur oak blight. What is the best treatment? micro, macro, spray? What is most effective?