November 2015 webinar: Forest Management for Moose

Tuesday, November 17, 2015, noon – 1:00 p.m.

Moose populations have declined about 50% in recent years, for reasons that have been difficult to pin down. Some land managers have been exploring opportunities to improve habitat conditions. We’ll hear from two presenters: Moose ecologist Ron Moen from NRRI and Lake County land commissioner Nate Eide about the status of moose populations and what they have learned about from a recent focus on managing forests to improve moose habitat.

Speaker: Ron Moen, UMD-Natural Resources Research Institute and Nate Eide, Lake County Land DepartmentMoose in Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge

CE credits: SAF (1.0, Cat.1), MN Forest Stewardship (1.0)

Registration: Register here to watch online or attend one of five broadcast site locations for free throughout Minnesota.

Watch the webinar below:

Emily Dombeck
Emily is the UMN Extension Forestry Program Coordinator.

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