Upcoming Snow Control Webinars


University of Minnesota Extension educators will be presenting two webinars on snow control next month. Plan to join us online December 2 for information about snow control tools (10-10:45 am) and using willows as a living snow fence (1-1:45 pm).

10:00—10:45 ƒam

Cost-Benefit Tool (value of these snow control measures)
• Modifying road ditches
• Planting living snow fences
• Leaving standing corn rows
• Installing structural snow fencing
Snow Fence Design Tool (where snow fences are placed)
Working with Farmers/Landowners
Involving 4-H and Youth Organizations in Hand Picking Standing Corn Rows

1:00—1:45 ƒpm

Functionality and Snow Capture
Potential Environmental Impacts

Register for both webinars at z.umn.edu/snowtools.

Emily Dombeck
Emily is the UMN Extension Forestry Program Coordinator.

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  1. Hi.
    I was interested in watching the webinar on snow control you are offering on December 2nd.
    I did try the z.umn.edu/snowtools and did not really find a registration link. Is there a link or is there anything else that can be done to make sure I will be able to see the show?

    Thank you.

    Peter Pasnik
    New York State Department of Transportation

  2. Hello,
    I missed this mornings SNOW CONTROL TOOLS webinar. Has this been archived and is it available for future viewing?
    Thank you,
    Mike Reed