Updated online forest adaptation resources now available

The Northern Institute for Applied Climate Science created the Adaptation Workbook as an online, interactive version of the practical workbook published in Forest Adaptation Resources: Climate Change Tools and Approaches for Land Managers. This year, we’ve re-launched the site with many new improvements, including:

  • New resources that support urban forestry and agriculture projects, in addition to forest management projects
  • An updated design for a smoother user experience
  • Climate impacts information and resources for the entire US
  • Freedom to create a project anywhere in the world

Our goal is to help a wider variety of people use the site and connect their land management goals to practical, ready-to-use information on climate change impacts and adaptation actions. We’ve also updated our Privacy Policy to more clearly describe what users can expect from us.

Visit the new Adaptation Workbook and give it a try – we think you’ll like what you see!

Stephen Handler
Stephen is a climate change specialist with the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science, USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station.

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