Webinar: Changes to the Sustainable Forest Incentive Act

Tuesday, January 16 from noon to 1:00pm

As a Minnesota woodland owner, you may qualify for an incentive program called the Sustainable Forest Incentives Act (SFIA). The program pays you a set dollar amount per acre annually on eligible lands for practicing good forest stewardship and agreeing not to develop your land for a specified period of time. There were some recent law changes made to SFIA that are going into effect in 2018. Minnesota Department of Natural Resource Private Forest Management Coordinator, John Carlson, will go over these new changes and how it will affect both current and future enrollees in the program.

Speaker: John Carlson, Minnesota DNR
Registration: Register here to watch online or attend one of the broadcast site locations for free.
Update: A recording of the presentation is now available on YouTube. You can also find the links to the resources that John mentioned on the SFEC website.

The University of Minnesota Extension Forestry team.

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