Family forest owners control 5.3 million acres, or about 40%, of Minnesota’s timberlands. Their lands are the scenic backdrop for many of Minnesota’s most beautiful vistas. Private woodlands provide habitat for native wildlife as well as clean water for aquatic ecosystems and also municipal water supplies.

The decisions made by Minnesota’s 150,000+ individual and family woodland owners have important impacts well beyond their properties.

This site was created to help private woodland owners make sound, well informed woodland stewardship decisions. Woodland owners can learn how their forests work, how sustainable forest management works, and how they can achieve their forest stewardship goals with confidence and trust in the professionals with whom they work.

University of Minnesota Extension educators and Forest Resources students create, edit, and manage site content. We always want to hear how you think we can make the site better. Drop us a line by email at mnwoods@umn.edu and let us know how we can make this site work for you.


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