Silvopasture Workshop

Date: June 16-17, 2017
Brainerd & Fort Ripley, MN

The University of Minnesota Extension, Happy Dancing Turtle, Minnesota Natural Resource Conservation Service, and the Crow Wing River Forage Council will jointly host a Silvopasture Workshop, Walk and Tour in Brainerd & Fort Ripley, MN on June 16-17, 2017.

Silvopasture is a sustainable agroforestry practice where trees and forage crops are grown together in a single piece of land, and managed grazing animals are introduced into the system to utilize the forages. Forage and livestock components provide regular short-term income while the trees provide long term income in the form of fruit/ nuts, or timber. Studies have shown that, if properly managed, silvopasture can be more beneficial economically and environmentally than either trees or pasture alone. This workshop will provide learning opportunities for participants on establishing and managing a silvopasture system.

The workshop will begin Friday evening, June 16th (Friday), with networking and a panel discussion composed of practitioners and natural resource professionals to share their experience about Silvopasture. Saturday, June 17th, will include classroom presentations and site visits to two farms in the afternoon. We will visit the Sunup Ranch (already practicing Silvopasture), and B&B Goat Farm (planning to convert a portion of their farm into silvopasture). At this workshop, participants will conduct a hands-on silvopasture exercise that will involve learning how to conduct tree inventory, and mark trees to establish silvopasture.

Speakers during the workshop will come from University Researchers and Educators, and Practitioners of Silvopasture. Topics to cover will include:

  • Establishment, management, and decision-making about Silvopasture
  • Opportunities of silvopasture for raising beef cattle
  • Livestock management and foraging in silvopasture
  • Controlling brush, toxic plants and invasives
  • What is it for me? Silvopasture economics

Participants can reserve rooms at a local hotel or nearby camp ground. Participants are also welcome to just come for the Saturday portion of the workshop.

Registration is $40; Register online at This registration will cover one dinner (Friday – June 16), and lunch and snacks (June 17, 2017) on Day 2.

Questions? Contact: Diomy Zamora (612-626-9272 or or  Jim Chamberlin (218-831-0528 or