Summer is the season of birch bark

by Julie Miedtke As the sun reaches its apex over the northern hemisphere, our northern forest is exploding with life. For many people, it is a special season and they head out to the woods to harvest bark. Birch bark, or wiigwaas, is a ‘keystone’ species by the Anishinaabe (Ojibwa or Chippewa), and by most cultures across the native range […]

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Birch Bark Canoe Workshop

Have you ever seen a birch bark canoe being built? Check out the upcoming Language Immersion & Canoe (Jiimaan) Building Project being held from 08 – 28 June at the Fond du Lac Reservation Cultural Museum. A team of master bark canoe builders and Ojibwe language experts will guide 8 students through the harvest of materials and creation of a […]

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Nontimber Forest Products: Character wood

Long winter months offer prime time opportunities for exploring forests.

Frozen soil conditions allow access to some of the more intriguing, ‘off the beaten path’ places in the woods. It’s a great time to visit bogs & swamps, swales, and islands that may seem out of reach during much of the year. Winter excursions can be memorable and invigorating, but most of all it will inspire greater appreciation of forests.

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