Section 8

Book Outreach Material (Copies Available By Request)  This section provides information about resources that are available to help educate members of a community, including residents, staff, council members, boards, community groups, and others. Some of these materials are available as printed documents and others are available as digital copies. For more information about requesting copies for distribution, please contact the Arrest the Pest Hotline at 651-201-6684 (Metro) or 888-545-6684 (Greater Minnesota).All of the linked sections are easily printable.Download the entire section 

[A] EAB Regulatory Review Newsletter

[B] Handouts, flyers, poster, miscellaneous

i…..EAB: A Threat to Trees Factsheet

ii….Pest Alert – Emerald Ash Borer (PDF)

iii…EAB: Considerations for Homeowners before Selecting a Treatment Strategy (PDF: 848 KB / 4 pages)

iv…Insects in Minnesota That May be Confused with Emerald Ash Borer

v….EAB Laminated Fact Cards vi…EAB Folding Tent Cards

vii..EAB The Green Menace Brochure (PDF)

viii.EAB Informational Poster

ix…EAB Most Wanted Flyer (PDF)

x….Minnesota Conservation Volunteer EAB Alert Booklet

xi…Does My Tree have EAB Checklist (PDF: 176 / 2 pages)

xii..Best Management Practices for Known EAB Infested Areas (PDF: 181 KB / 1 page)

xiii..Educational EAB Billing Insert (PDF: 2.04 MB / 1 page)

xiv..Reference for Recognizing Insect Galleries in Ash Trees in Minnesota

xv…Firewood Bookmark

xvi..Firewood Alert  (PDF: 821 KB / 2 pages)

xvii.Don’t Move Firewood Bumper Magnets

xvii.Unwanted Table Top Display (PDF)

xix..Tree Owner’s Manual (Can be customized for a community) (PDF)

xx..Mulch Flyer (Can be customized for a community) (PDF: 224 KB / 2 pages)

[C] Handouts available in alternate languages

i…EAB The Green Menace (Spanish) (PDF)

ii..EAB The Green Menace (Hmong) (PDF)

iii.Does My Tree have EAB? (Spanish) (PDF: 423 KB / 1 page)
iv.Emerald Ash Borer Questions and Answers (Spanish) (PDF: 87 KB / 2 pages)
v..Emerald Ash Borer Questions and Answers (Hmong) (PDF: 86 KB / 2 pages)

[D] Presentation on EAB with speaker notes (PDF: 5.52MB / 74 pages)

[E] Videos Available

[F] Presenters Available