Organizations assisting Minnesota woodland owners

This page provides an annotated list of organizations that serve private woodland owners, or are otherwise active in forestry.

Minnesota DNR, Division of Forestry

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources foresters offer a number of services to private woodland owners, including development of Forest Stewardship Plans. In most cases, your local DNR Forestry area office should be your first call for woodland advice.

Minnesota Forestry Association

The Minnesota Forestry Association, or MFA, is a membership-based woodland owner organization. MFA is active in woodland owner education, legislative advocacy, and numerous other activities. MFA serves Minnesota’s woodland owners by promoting stewardship of all forest resources.

MFA is also the state coordinator of the Call Before You Cut program. Under the program, callers received a full packet of information pertaining to harvests on private woodlands, all at no charge.

Minnesota Association of Consulting Foresters

The Minnesota Association of Consulting Foresters was organized by experienced consultants in 1981 to maintain the professional standards of private forestry work. Membership and participation in the Association demonstrate the continuing desire for up-to-date information and techniques, promote the best interests of clients, and strengthen the professional capabilities of the member. Professional foresters who work for YOU!

Minnesota Logger Education Program

The Minnesota Logger Education Program was initiated in 1995 to provide direct responsive professional assistance to Minnesota’s logging community through progressive support and implementation of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). MLEP offers continuing education and training to member loggers. Setting the standard in logging professionalism.

Soil & Water Conservation Districts

Soil and Water Conservation Districts fill the crucial niche of providing land and water conservation services to owners of private lands. Managing private lands in a way that promotes a sound economy and sustains and enhances natural resources is key to Minnesota’s environmental health. Private landowners trust SWCDs to provide needed technology, funding and educational services because they are established in each community, governed by local leaders and focused on conservation of local soil and water resources.

Natural Resource Conservation Service

The Natural Resource Conservation Service in Minnesota (originally called the Soil Conservation Service) employees provide technical assistance based on sound science and suited to a customer’s specific needs. We provide financial assistance for many conservation activities. Participation in our programs is voluntary.

Minnesota Forest Industries

Minnesota Forest Industries is an association representing the state’s forest products companies. MFI encourages conservation, proper forest management and industry development that fosters sound environmental stewardship, multiple use of timber lands and long-term timber supply.

Minnesota Women’s Woodland Network

The Minnesota Women’s Woodland Network, initiated by the University of Minnesota Extension in 2008, is dedicated to building a community of women woodland owners, their families and land managers to nurture a land ethic. The MNWWN creates supportive, informal, small group learning opportunities on topics that include trees, nature and caring for the land. The MNWWN provides the opportunity to recognize and enhance the role of women in woodland management, whether they own land themselves, may inherit or purchase land in the future, or who may simply be interested in supporting this effort.