Growing Trees from Seed

By Dan A. Meyer, University of Wisconsin Extension and College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Growing trees directly from seed can be more rewarding than planting two- or three-year-old seedlings purchased from a nursery– especially if you collect and prepare the seed yourself.  It is, however, more difficult and time consuming to cultivate trees from seed than from seedlings, and […]

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The Well Planted Tree

A document produced by Krystal Schaufler, Doug Courneya, Gary Johnson, Jeff Gillman, Patrick Weicherding, Carole Kinion Copeland Click to view document as a PDF: The Well Planted Tree This document touches on the following tree planting topics: How to plant containerized trees How to care for a new tree What happens if a tree is planted too deep? What are […]

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Seasonal care of trees & shrubs: Transplanting

Transplanting is defined as: the digging (aka. uprooting) of a plant from one location for the purpose of moving it to a new location. Typically, during this type of move lots of roots are lost.

Step 1: Things to do before you transplant. Part 1: Preparing for the Move (PDF)

Step 2: How to transplant. Part 2: Making the Move (PDF)

Spring is the best time to transplant softwood species like pine, spruce, fir, hemlock, false cypress, and Atlantic white cedar.

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