Webinar: seasonal timing of fire and its influence on succession

A man with fire equipment sets fire to a forest floor.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 from noon to 1:00pm Fires play an outsized role in shaping plant communities, but the effects of fires on plant communities are often highly variable.  This presentation will focus on how the seasonal timing of fire influences fire behavior and in turn how fire effects and phenology interact to influence forest succession and post-fire regeneration.  Results […]

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How forests grow

Forests are dynamic ecosystems—they’re always growing and changing.  Patterns of forest succession are relatively predictable within given site conditions, but highly variable from site to site.  For instance, in the sub-boreal forests of northeastern Minnesota, widespread aspen and birch forests are being invaded by native spruce and fir trees.  Over time as the short-lived aspens and birches die, shade-tolerant conifers […]

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